What we love to do...

I founded Talk about Value to help business people go beyond the obvious - their products and services - and identify the real value that they offer their customers. This is so important as great value propositions are directly linked to growth,  profitability and success.

Our own value proposition

Great value propositions = faster business growth. We can help you build robust value propositions that your customers really want to buy and will happily pay for. You can also avoid giving away value too.

Our basic methodology enables us to assess your market, your chosen segments and your target decision makers. We then work with you to design, then validate and finally communicate your value proposition through all areas of your marketing communications. You'll sell more, potentially can charge more, increase margins, delight your customers, save money and build your brand.

How do we do this?

We use our knowledge, experience and common sense. For example, I've worked in marketing strategy and communications for over 30 years, in several business sectors including engineering, software, web applications and training, so can offer relevant, pragmatic and realistic advice, backed by real world experience.

I also studied strategic marketing as part of my MBA at Warwick Business School under Professor Peter Doyle, one of the UK's true giants in marketing management and strategy. I've subsequently  used this valuable knowledge in startups, small businesses, a dot.com and blue-chip enterprises such as Misys, GE of America, SAP/Business Objects and the AA.

We use specialist knowledge

Nobody has a monopoly on good ideas or can be a specialist all areas of marketing communications That's why we work alongside a group of like-minded people to support in specialist areas such as pricing, PR, graphic design, web and social media, Google SEO and video storytelling.