Does social media now trump websites?

Yes; in many situations, it has. But before you rush out and fire your web developer, read on.  

It’s all about your value proposition and your channel to market.

The BusinessModelYou team recently sent out an email that really resonated with me. In effect, it said that if you have an outstanding value proposition with a poor channel, it’s hard to succeed… but if you have poor proposition but an outstanding channel, success is far more likely.

And that’s the decision you have to make. What are the best channels to support your business?

If you’re an entrepreneur that’s offering services in a local community, FaceBook is probably your first choice and there is little need for a website. If you’re offering landscaping or cleaning services, FaceBook and, maybe Instagram, is enough.

If your consultant, like me, offering expertise and better business outcomes to business owners, then LinkedIn is the social media channel of choice plus a ‘trust website’ to provide more information on the range of services I can offer and testimonials to show my track record.

If I want to sell products to consumers online, then I can use social media as well as Google Pay per Click and invest in Search Engine Optimisation to build pipeline. Saying that, I still need to have a website to provide my transactional and ordering capability and maybe show off a catalogue of my products.

Relton Herron, a fellow subject matter expert, who focuses on website optimisation, felt the same.

 "No business is the same and therefore neither is your digital shop window. The Social Media channels which are the most appropriate, and the most suitable Content Management System (CMS), can make all the difference to how successful you are by saving or costing you money. Leveraging the correct channels dependent on your own target audience... so seeking professional digital advice will give you clear focus, direction and the confidence to move forward in the right direction."

So, before you make the decision either invest in social media or your website...think hard! Think about your business and most importantly, your channel to market.

You might decide that social media does trump websites... or you may not. At least, you’ve made a conscious decision that’s right for your business.