How Denis helped me fall in love with LinkedIn

I’ve used LinkedIn for many years. As a person who started working at a time when there were no PCs on the desk, email wasn’t invented and the world wide web was a concept only found in sci-fi, I found LinkedIn an easy step into the unfamiliar world of “social media”.

In fact, LinkedIn was always a good way to keep in touch with friends and acquaintances who I’d met during my career. Unlike other people, I didn’t see it as a popularity contest – one where you won by having the most ‘friends’. I did see it as a business tool that could add value but mainly as a way of advertising myself to recruiters.

It was my page, all about my success as a business person, but much less about the company who paid my wages. In fact, I still know people who refuse to put detailed company information on their own page!

Denis changed all that. We met through a networking event, unsurprisingly advertised on LinkedIn! Like me, Denis had set up his own business. He as a champion of LinkedIn; me as a champion of the value proposition!

He’d helped some major corporate introduce their digital strategy and he wanted to do his own thing. The first thing I noticed about Denis was his passion for what LinkedIn could do… and then his knowledge! Wow! Denis is on the pulse!

He shared his vision that LinkedIn was more than just social media platform; it’s a business networking hub. He told me that quality connections were more valuable than quantity and showed me ways to connect to people I really wanted too… without having to buy Premium! He advised me to make my profile engaging, interesting and personal so it showed my personality. He’s helping me make LinkedIn a cornerstone of my business.

Yes, Denis helped me fall in love with LinkedIn.

By the way, he’s full name is Denis Zekic… and yes, you’ll find him on LinkedIn! #DenisZ